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Employee benefits plans include the options listed below.

Group medical Insurance - The best medical coverage available, is a group medical plan through your business. Group plans are available to businesses as small as 1 full time employee. Group medical plans for 2 or more employees don't charge employees extra for health issues or limit coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Group Dental Insurance - Dental plans cover employees and dependents expenses up to $1000 - $1500 per person, per year. Dental services are covered at 100%,80%, or 50% depending on the type service received. Orthodontics is available as a added option, if you have 10 or more employees.

Group Life Insurance - This benefit gives employees extra life insurance that is usually employer paid. Employees name their own personal beneficiary. Coverage amounts can be a fixed amount like $25,000 per employee, or a benefit equal to a employee's yearly salary. Life insurance is usually available up to a non-medical limit, without any medical underwriting. Plans also include double indemnity.

Group Short Term Disability (STD) - These types of plans cover employees for a non-occupational disability due to a accident or sickness. Benefits typically start after a 8 to 30 day waiting period, and can last from 90 to 180 days. Benefits available are up to 66% of weekly salary.

Group Long Term Disability (LTD) - This type of plan picks up where STD ends. LTD plans start after 90 to 180 days, and benefits can last for 2 -5 years, or to age 65. Benefit amounts are usually 60% of  monthly salary.

Vision Benefits -  Plans pay for eye exams, contacts, frames, and lens up to predetermined limits. Discounts are available for other services like laser corrective surgery, and sun glasses.

Voluntary Benefits - Extra benefits are available for employees to pick up on their own. The employer doesn't pay for these voluntary benefits, but allows employee to pay for them by payroll deduction. Benefits available to purchase include all of the above, that aren't included in the company benefit package, along with some other options.

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